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in the USA and Seldén Mast Asia Ltd in Hong Kong. Schaefer Marine’s Boom Furling System is the result of years of research, design and sailing. Seldén Mast AB reserves the right to alter the content and design without prior warning. 6. Selden in-mast Roller Furling Mast + Boom + rigging. 5, GX10 & GX15 Furling system for Gennakers. The positioning of Discover all the products from Seldén Mast AB and see a list of their distributors. This manual is a supplement to the “Manual for Furling Mast TYPE RA” (595 In-mast furling mainsails are popular on many cruising boats, and the conveniences are hard to beat. has produced the renowned furling boom for 19 years. S Spars mainsail furling system needs minimum maintenance there is a need to implement a schedule of preventative service. This is the entire rig from a 1997 Feeling 486 that hit the reef in Anegada and was totaled by the insurance company. If your boat has never had a furling system, or if the furler that’s installed needs replacement, there are more choices available than ever, and the products are all pretty efficient. Also, these two in-mast manufacturers are the only two current builders (that we’re aware of at least) offering an electric or hydraulic drive which powers the luff rod itself. Custom made for all sizes and types of sailboats and catamarans. Which Boom Furler is the Best? Posted on December 26, 2016 March 11, 2018 by The Rigging Company, LLP When it comes to mainsail management systems, in-mast furlers appear to be losing popularity with cruisers while boom furlers keep popping up on more boats. Read more » New mast track  For years, Schaefer Marine has been a leader in headsail furling and reefing systems. Browse our selection and shop now! We are considering a 30 - 34 boat for daysailing and the ocassional weekend on the water on our inland lake in Texas. Simply remove the cover on the manual drive socket on the motor housing and insert a cordless drill to manually operate the system. F section: manual, hydraulic and electro 22. In-mast furling The new Seldén mast programme does, of course, include in-mast furling. Its DC-DC converter accepts your boat’s 12V or 24V input and converts it We are experiencing problems with the in-mast furling on my Westerly Oceanlord and I would be grateful if anyone could give some further help. There was also a recall on that motor that was never carried out. , Do-it-yourselfers consider a furler's ease of installation in their final picks. The hydraulic motor is located inside the worm gear, in the same way as it is with the furling mast system. If the system is repaired by anyone other than Seldén Mast AB or one of our authorized dealers, the guarantee ceases to be valid. 2 F section: manual, hydraulic and electro 40. The fourth section is about MAINTENANCE, and finally the fifth section describes installation of a FURLING MAST ELECTRIC unit on an F-mast already equipped with a Seldén manual furling system. To install and operate the system both this manual and new furling mast, and the third one describes how to OPERATE the system. Too much mainsail for the wind conditions can be dangerous. Apologies for the long post and the numerous questions. You haul a little harder. Looks to have had a total refit in last 5 years. By furling the sail vertically into the mast you don't have to furl very much to the mid-section of the mast to prevent uncontrolled mast-bend and pumping. The Partial-Batten Mainsail - A MC 6500 Carbon/Technora blend sail with partial epoxy battens. FURLER DEVELOPMENT AND HOW RACING INFLUENCED DESIGN Before Furling and still today sailors have, and do carry, different sized head sails to accommodate various wind conditions and by selecting the correct combination of sails and reefing choices, the boat found a comfortable attitude while underway. large holes through the mast to mount the drum forward of the mast where it Water Jet Machine & Custom Work · General Usage Chart · Manuals & Docs  Having pulled the mast upright, secure the forestay around the black furling bar. Correctly specified for your yacht Choosing the right size and type of jib furling and reefing system is vital to ensure maximum performance and service life. Most of us were never instructed on it or because we are seasoned sailors, use it as we would a traditional main. The In-Boom Main Sail Furling System to the next FurlerBoom ApS. Technical information. The preparation and installation operations regarding a furling mast are the same as for standard masts. Mar 4, 2010 Review of manual back-up system on Furlex electric headsail furlers from Selden Mast. This system is the only way to guarantee a perfect furling operation without jamming, and can be handle by one person (two-hand control). The rig is in perfect condition. U. 8b Fix the gnav strut to the  Sep 20, 2016 An industry leader in the top-down furler category, Bamar conceived of the on the market is the DynIce furling cable, sold with the Colligo, Profurl and Seldén systems. 26 main sails. 16 plait is more “bumpy” of a line with this manual and is not subjected to loads in excess of those indicated in the brochure and instructions. S Spars Routine Maintenance for In-Mast Furling System Although your U. Whether you are replacing one of the originals that is showing its age, or looking for convenience over hank-on sails, you'll find no shortage of good options with the latest generation of headsail furling systems. 2 Furlex TD (Trough Deck) 40 4. 30 ft • entred and insulated forestay and C completely insulated joining sleeves make furling easier, reduce wear and cut out the risk of corrosion. What happens if the electric furling system loses power? Harken electric furlers can be operated manually if power is lost. Triatic stay: Forestay for a mizzen mast. Unfortunately, when you haul on the jib furling line, nothing happens. Looking for Selden Furling Systems? APS has the selection, pricing, technical information and experienced sailing staff to satisfy your sailing gear needs. Contact the manufacturer directly for a quote. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Reefing & Furling at the official West Marine online store. Furlex Main - Retro-fit system. sailboat mast / furling Selden’s electric furlers have several other cool features. A good number of the boats that come up have an in mast furling main. Masts · Aluminium mast sections · Carbon masts · Furling masts · Manual furling masts · Hydraulic cruise control · Electric cruise control  Feb 26, 2008 Seldén furling mast is a mainsail reefing and furling system. Selden In Mast Furling Manual 6. Therein is the problem and why in-mast often get a bad name. Furlex Jib Furling and Reefing Systems by Selden We can install a pendant on the sail and/or a halyard restrainer on the mast, to move the halyard swivel to the right position and  Selden Mainsail furler servicing. 1 Furlex S 39 4. Dec 20, 2012 Mainsail furling, like this in-mast system, allows smaller crews to and engineers at Selden, Schaefer and others turned to roller furling crew to manually drop the main even if problems arise in the boom furling system itself. Selden's Scott Alexander adds, "Replace the jibstay when you replace the an unsatisfactory furler with a new one, or correcting a faulty installation. The Seldén furling mast roller mechanism design is based on FURLEX foresail roller reeng an is dimensioned for the toughest conditions. This Instruction Manual has been compiled to give you information on the in-mast  FURLING MASTS. 3. wrap to prevent the equipment from damaging the boat and mast. The majority of Furlex systems installed in the early 80s are still operating reliably today, proof In-Mast Furling Mainsails <Removed C400 specific discussion> The issue with in-mast jams is that the vast majority of the sailors using the system are not correctly using it. Due Forestay: The wire supporting the mast at the bow of the boat. With one last heave, the sail comes in a turn or so, then jams solid. Items 1 - 16 of 376 Looking for Selden Furling Systems? APS has the selection, pricing, technical information and experienced sailing staff to satisfy your sailing  Thinking about installing a headsail or mainsail furling system? We offer competitive pricing and installation for all major brands of furlers. -Includes - Mast Head - Bottom Furling Extrusion - Selden In Mast Furler Winch - Mast Step -Spreader Roots x2 -Goosenecks x2 -Shivbox -Halyard Exits Mast setting. 4 Design aspects of in-mast furling mast. 3 Furlex Hydro 41 4. with this manual and is not subjected to loads in excess of those indicated in the brochure and instructions. 4 Design aspects of furling mast. This instruction manual has been complied to give you information on the Seldén  Mar 6, 2017 Seldén furling mast is a mainsail reefing and furling system. When we bought Capers, the boat 3) The gearbox is held to the mast with four torx head bolts. 44 main sails. Without having the manual in front of me, I recall a recommended service interval of 5 years. engineering to a new boom furler that finally solves the problems of reefing, . This article compares the various methods of reefing the main sail, specifically mainsail reefing systems. The time to upgrade your sailboat to a roller furling system is now. Seldén’s Furlex Electric offers an easy path into the world of sweat-free headsail furling. Selden response: . Product information Seldén GX models Mast Inc. Seldén furling mast is a mainsail reefing and furling system. Selden Mast parts give sailors peace of mind – knowing they are relying on some of the best sailing equipment in the business. Hydraulic cruise control. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. The unique design of the halyard swivel bearing distributes the load over the whole ball-race to give The installation manual on the Harken website has a complete step-by-step guide. Wash the mast, boom, spinnaker pole, jib furling system. 4 Seldén Code X 42 Mainsail reefing is an important part of mainsail trim. To add to alenka's comments, all of which I very much appreciate, I picked up an interesting tip while talking to the Z-Spar people at the Annapolis Boat Show this week: whenever you wash down the deck and fittings after an outing, just stick the hose into the mast above the furling mechanism to flush out the salt and grime. Proven over thousands of miles of use, our unique Patented Articulating Sail Track enables you to reef or furl on any point of sail all from the safety of the cockpit. • nique, patented load-distributor for easy U furling and unrivalled bearing durability. Manual Seldén GX7. The world's leading mainsail furling and reefing system. 3. Specifications and instructions contained herein are subject to change without Seldén Mast AB . This manual is a supplement to the “Manual for Furling Mast TYPE RA” (595-059-E) and “Manual for Furling Mast TYPE RB Mk II/RC Mk II” (595-063-E). The Seldén furling mast roller mechanism design is based on FURLEX foresail roller reefing an is dimen-sioned for the toughest conditions. a friend looked into this once i think he was told that the mast (a selden) depended on all the furling parts inside the tube for stiffness, and that even if you managed to find a strong enough means of attaching a track to the tube, you would need to leave enough stuff inside the mast, that you wouldn't enjoy significant weight savings. 5 . . Manual furling masts; Hydraulic cruise control; Electric cruise control; Technical information; Keelboat masts; Headboxes; Mast bases & Deck rings; Backstay flicker & lazy jacks; Forestay & backstay toggles; Forestay fittings & halyard routings; Running rigging; Lights; Running backstay Seldén Mast in-mast furling mast is a mainsail reefing and furling system. This Instruction Manual has been compiled to give you information  Feb 25, 2005 3. 7 Furlex - Seldén jib. UNDERSTANDING HEADSAIL FURLING SYSTEMS by Bill Hooper . Seldén Mast in-mast furling mast is a mainsail reefing and furling system. The unique design of the halyard swivel bearing distributes the load over the whole ballrace to FURLEX 100S Jib furling and reefing system for yachts up to approx. 2. The Formula and Selden in-mast furlers have luff rods that can be tensioned, this makes for a much stiffer furling axis and therefore a smoother furling experience. With these lines led to the cockpit, reefing is effortless and fast. The Best Roller Furling Roller furling has become the status quo for headsails. Quantum's Jeff Thorpe and Dave Flynn get into the details about the available options and what you need to know. Shrouds: Wires that hold . 24. 3 In-mast furling mast 32 3. Seldén manual furling system. The compact unit can be retrofitted to an existing manual Furlex unit or installed as a replacement for whatever you’ve got now. Manual has been compiled to give you information on the in-mast reefing system  FURLING MASTS. Manual furling masts. The unique design of the halyard swivel bearing distributes the load over the whole ballrace to give Product description Seldén furling mast is a mainsail reeng and furling system. Attached between the masthead fittings. Trust Schaefer Furling to add a whole new dimension to your foretriangle. The Sparcraft manual furling masts exclusively use wormdrive systems. Masts · Aluminium mast sections · Carbon masts  Sealing keelstepped masts · Furling masts · Running cables · Mast coat replacement · Splice Instructions · HYDRAULICS · Enquiry forms · Catalogues and  Oct 3, 2007 Seldén Mast in-mast furling mast is a mainsail reefing and furling system. 1 R section: manual, hydraulic and electro 32 3. The furling geer been developed from experience gained from FURLEX foresail roller-reefing, and is dimensioned for the toughest conditions. The appropriate manual is included in your FURLING MAST ELECTRIC-documentation. David and Phil from SD Boatworks explain how to use an in-mast furling system common to many cruising sailboats. In mast endless line slipping on furling gear line driver (in the manual as well, 10mm double braid). 2 F section: manual, hydraulic and electro 34 3. Attach lowers in to the See Selden info sheet. Sparcraft offers a complete range of furling masts, manual version or motor assisted electrical and hydraulic systems. Aluminium mast sections; Carbon masts; Furling masts. It is a 52′ deck stepped Mast. 4 Design aspects of in-mast furling mast 38 main sails 4 Furling foresails 39 4. However, as the aft part of the mast is open, it is important not to exert any overpressure on it during lifting, in order to avoid distortions. The electric drive units are completely compatible with existing manual 200, 300, or 400 series Furlex furlers, so you can convert them to power simply by removing the existing furling drum and replacing it with a new drive unit. 3 Furlex Main - Retro-fit system. This issue, we focus on head-swivel furlers from Furlex (Seldén Mast), Harken Inc . By furling the sail vertically into the mast, you don’t have to furl very much to get a substantial decrease of The Furlex Hydraulic is designed to provide a harmonious visual interplay of stainless steel and aluminium. Still nothing. Screw Size Torx Fisheries Supply offers a wide variety of marine products, including Selden Mast Sailing Parts Furling Systems. The furling is controlled by one endless furling line and the outhaul. 3 Furlex Main - Retro-fit system 36 3. On smaller yachts, the stay is led through a block at the mizzen mast top down to the deck, where the length can be adjusted. It's a Selden RB Mk II system . Checkstays normally interact with the inner forestay. Re: Reefing a Main with in-mast Furling In 15 years sailing with a Selden inmast main, I never sail with the ratchet in the open position when reefer, you will find one day that you have far more sail out than intended in a big blow. The furling motor failed on mine, a 2001 Hymas 54 and it had never been serviced by the previous owner. Selden Mast Sailing Parts Selden Mast believes that no detail is too small – from the choice of materials, to stringent testing of the finished product for everything they manufacture. There’s also a noise like ball bearings bouncing on the foredeck, which proves upon further investigation, to be just that: ball bearings bouncing on the foredeck. Electric cruise control. furling and reefing, and also increases the service life of the swivel. Roller furling systems have made managing headsails easier for about 30 years. The system is driven either manually or by a hydraulic or electric  The Bahia rigging instructions are a guide to rigging your boat. a Schaefer Furling and Reefing systems are legendary for their ability to perform under the most adverse conditions. It is the most advanced solution for mainsail reefing and furling. 1. Masts, Booms, Furling Masts/Booms, Spare Parts SELDEN Furling Systems, Manual or Motorized 'A Proven Design Appreciated by Sailors World-Wide' However, it is important to remember that when you install a furler, you have just is when you are due to replace all your standing rigging, preferably with the mast out. !!! Fig: 1. All of our furlers use Torlon™ bearings in machined races to assure smooth operation. As I was unhappy with the mast, it was a two spreader setup and pumped quite a bit (Selden later went to a three spreader set up for the 54). 42. From the first sail of your boat you will need to start your routine maintenance schedule to keep your furling mast in top working order. A Seldén furling mast makes it easy to unroll and set your mainsail, and rolling it in is just as quick and easy. selden in mast furling manual

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